Throughout its history, the Jute industry has relied on the names of James Mackie & Lagan for supplying the best machinery for processing all kinds of jute and making all types of products. For over 50 years now, Lagan has been at the forefront of the global Jute industry, catering to a large number of jute units worldwide. Over these years, Lagan has not only maintained but improved upon the quality and standard of machines for the jute mills.

Carrying the legacy of James Mackie & Sons, Lagan Machinery is now synonymous to the highest quality and has installations in virtually every country with Jute Mills. Even with the emergence of numerous other players, Lagan continues to be the preferred choice of customers having the highest sales.


The discerning buyer of Lagan machines have operated with much higher efficiencies and gained both short term and long term competitive advantages over the rest of the industry. While many smaller manufacturers have introduced their products in the market, only Lagan’s machines have withstood the test of time and delivered on quantity and performance.

Even though Lagan’s machine may cost a little more than other machines, they have been overwhelmingly preferred by the industry for the various benefits that accompany the machines of Quality, Productivity, Maintenance and Longevity.


1Lagan Machines are robust in construction that will last for years to come. The Basic Structure of other machines is light in construction, which means poor longevity.
2Machine components are made in group milling or programmed milling that ensure all parts in the machine are well-alignedDue to lack of infrastructure, machining of components are done individually leading to problems in alignment and lining.
3All critical components are made with Jigs & Fixtures or on latest VMC & CNC machines so accuracy in manufacturing is maintained.They are further checked against the detailed drawings of each component. Most critical components are out sourced. As a result, quality of components is quite poor and uncontrolled.In the absence of detailed drawings and in-house manufacturing, quality control is lax.
4Lagan has its own Foundry and castings are made from best Pig Iron available and properly seasoned in order to avoid deformation after machining.All castings are procured from road side manufacturer. So composition of materials for the parts varies. Also bending deformation and wrapping of materials are often found.
5Lagan components are made from the best raw materials available for optimized performance and longest life. These materials are procured on special order paying premiums. Other machines are made from inferior raw materials that are readily available in the market and cheaper to procure even though it compromises on quality.
6After precision manufacturing, the components are assembled in perfect alignment with the help of assembly drawings and jigs to ensure correct fit.Due to lack of infrastructure and jigs for the assembly of the components in assembly shop, position and fittings of components in other machines vary and are often misaligned.
7The Driving Pulley System is specially designed to reduce vibration and is easy to maintain. It features split pulley for easy replacement, fewer sections, flexible guide pulley system, and fine spur gears.The Pulley System used by others is ordinary with single pulley and short sections, cumbersome tension pulleys and expensive to replace helical pinions.
8Lagan has got skilled technicians who monitor right from procurement, manufacturing, assembly and after sales service of machines. Lagan’s Service Engineers visit mill to mill and assist mill people in servicing and up keeping of machineries. Erection of machine is done by trained and skilled engineers.Erection of machines generally done by contract labour, customers also suffer for lack of after sales service.


1. Lagan machines operate at faster speed
There is no adverse effect on quality of product or excess yarn breakage due to perfect alignment of moving parts, no slippage of Belts. Higher speeds result in lower costs.

2. Reduced breakage of yarn that allows mills to run low batches at high speeds
As machine vibration will be low, breakage of yarn is decreased compared to other machines. Lagan’s castings are vibration damping, the alignment of structure is perfect and assembly of components also fits as per strict tolerances, which all reduce the vibration.

3. Lower down-time and reduced maintenance requirement
Due to reduced wear-and-tear of parts, as they all fit seamlessly, there is less down time of machines. This allows higher production for same input and reduces cost of spares.

4. Reduced inventory carrying costs and overhauling costs
Thanks to the standard parts & spares used on Lagan machines that can fit easily on machines reducing inventory cost and overhauling requirements.

5. Machine performance remains at optimum levels even after routine or preventive maintenance.
Unlike in other machines, due to standard fitment of parts and better build, the performance of Lagan machines does not falter after maintenance activities.

6. Overhauling and Routine maintenance activities can be deferred by 2-3 years
This is due to the longer life of parts and lesser wear-and-tear of parts.

7. Less chance of breakdown or wear & tear in tough mill conditions
The build and construction of Lagan machines is very robust and rigid, keeping in mind the tough mill conditions. This reduces chances of breakdowns and wear and tear considerably in the harshest mill conditions including fire, accidents, etc.

8. Lagan machines perform like new for their entire life
By timely replacement of worn out components and adequate care as per proper schedule, mills can take benefit of optimum running of Lagan machines for many years.

9. Substantially higher resale value of old machines even after 10-15 years of usage.
As a consequence of the above benefits, Lagan machines are valued much higher even after many years of usage as the performance levels of the machines remain high. This is evident from the fact that second-hand Lagan machines are almost at par in price with new machines from other competitors.

10. Gap in performance of new machines increase dramatically with use
The initial gap in performance between Lagan and other machines ranges from 10 – 30% depending on condition of competitor’s machines. With regular maintenance and wear-and-tear, this gap widens drastically as Lagan’s machines do not rub out/wear out, exhibit play or misalignment while other machines do.

A typical life cycle of machine performance is as below: