Jute Machineries

Lagan’s wide range of machines includes- Spinning Frames of all ranges, Drawing Machines, Drawheads, Carding Machines, Looms and Spreaders.

Lagan has been the leader in manufacture of Jute Machinery over the last 60 years. It has the largest client base, the widest product range, the most modern machinery and the finest reputation for its quality of machinery. Lagan carries constant upgradation of machine through constant innovation and R&D.

Complete Solutions
  • Providing state-of-the-art machinery to Jute Mills.
  • Project consultancy including layout, technology and commercial knowhow.
  • Supplying the finest quality spare parts to discerning customers.

Latest Machinery

Through its subsidiary R&D organization, Lagan has developed brand new technology that is exclusively available to Lagan customers:

Drawheads – provide the benefits of an additional Drawing machine with Zero additional labour, 1/3 the Capital Cost and ½ the Space required!
Live Spindle Spinning – allows mills to improve speed and productivity by 30% without any additional cost, saving a large chunk of processing cost.
Shuttleless Looms – produces 1.5x the cloth of a standard loom with ½ the labour requirement – a game changer!

Agro Machines

Lagan has extended its penchant for quality and service to the Agricultural fields. Lagan Agro Machines provide simple yet effective farm mechanization solutions that are sure to reap a bountiful harvest for the farmer and provide a new profitable dimension to agriculture.

  • Manufactured in Lagan's own extensive modern factories
  • Easy-to-access local support to customers
  • End-to-end solutions for farmers through association with Agronomists
  • Built on global platform but customised to cater to various types of soils and crops

Lagan has introduced Rotary Tillers that allow farmers to save valuable time, fuel and labour in the tillage process. These machines can be used for soil conditioning, weed control, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation and puddling of wet land. The machines offer:

  • Sturdy Construction of Steel
  • Multi-speed precision Gearbox
  • Wear Resistant alloy steel blades
  • High quality bearings, seals and fasteners


Our modern and diverse production facilities allow us to manufacture Engineering Products of a wide range with high precision. Lagan is adept at supplying parts ranging of a wide range:

Complex Machining Components
Using 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines, Induction hardening- Grinding components of aerospace grade can be manufactured.

High Speed Rotating parts
Manufactured using CNC turning and milling machines followed by Dynamic balancing and precision assembly.

Complex Fabrication
Intricate profiles can be cut with Waterjet machine followed by CNC press brake and welding.

Heavy Fabrication
Thick plates can be rolled, bent, welded and machined in our facilities.

Heavy Machined Structures
Heavy yet thin wall castings can be manufactured in our foundry, then machined using large DMC, Plano Millers, Radial Drills etc

Cast Iron Parts
Our foundries can manufacture large and small castings of Ductile and Grey Iron grade.