Jute Machineries

Lagan’s wide range of machines includes- Spinning Frames of all ranges, Drawing Machines, Drawheads, Carding Machines, Looms and Spreaders.

Lagan has been the leader in manufacture of Jute Machinery over the last 60 years. It has the largest client base, the widest product range, the most modern machinery and the finest reputation for its quality of machinery. Lagan machines carry the DNA and quality standards of James Mackie & Sons, Belfast, who were the pioneers of bast fibre machinery and yet have surpassed their performance through constant innovation and R&D.

Complete Solutions
  • Providing state-of-the-art machinery to Jute Mills.
  • Project consultancy including layout, technology and commercial knowhow.
  • Supplying the finest quality spare parts to discerning customers.

Latest Machinery

Through its subsidiary R&D organization, Lagan has developed brand new technology that is exclusively available to Lagan customers:

Drawheads – provide the benefits of an additional Drawing machine with Zero additional labour, 1/3 the Capital Cost and ½ the Space required!
Live Spindle Spinning – allows mills to improve speed and productivity by 30% without any additional cost, saving a large chunk of processing cost.
Shuttleless Looms – produces 1.5x the cloth of a standard loom with ½ the labour requirement – a game changer!