Jute Mill


Lagan has been the leader in Jute Machinery over the last 60 years. It has: the largest client base, the widest product range, the most modern machinery.

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Lagan has extended its penchant for quality and service to the Agricultural fields: Lagan Agro Machines provide simple yet effective farm mechanization solutions.

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& Spares

Our modern and diverse production facilities allow us to manufacture Engineering Products of a wide range with high precision.

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Our Infrastructure

Lagan has an extensive infrastructure consisting of the most modern machinery for building high quality machines and components. Its main works at Angus, Hooghly have a versatile Machine shop, Assembly Shop and Tool Room which can manufacture large structures as well as tiny precision parts. Lagan has two additional facilities where it has modern CNC equipment for high productivity and accuracy as well as cutting-edge fabrication infrastructure. Around 200 machine tools, including 35+ CNCs, form the core of Lagan's infrastructure that can deliver solutions to a wide range of industries. Lagan also has its own Foundries for supply of quality castings. Learn more

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