Agro Machines

Lagan has extended its penchant for quality and service to the Agricultural fields. Lagan Agro Machines provide simple yet effective farm mechanization solutions that are sure to reap a bountiful harvest for the farmer and provide a new profitable dimension to agriculture.

  • Manufactured in Lagan's own extensive modern factories
  • Easy-to-access local support to customers
  • End-to-end solutions for farmers through association with Agronomists
  • Built on global platform but customised to cater to various types of soils and crops

Lagan has introduced Rotary Tillers that allow farmers to save valuable time, fuel and labour in the tillage process. These machines can be used for soil conditioning, weed control, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation and puddling of wet land. The machines offer:

  • Sturdy Construction of Steel
  • Multi-speed precision Gearbox
  • Wear Resistant alloy steel blades
  • High quality bearings, seals and fasteners